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(Holo 1st Edition)



$8,300.00 USD (137.14%)
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    $4,399,000 USD
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    $231,144 USD
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    $19,999.00 USD
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Blastoise Holo 1st Edition

About Blastoise Holo 1st Edition


Blastoise (Japanese: カメックス Kamex) is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.It evolves from Wartortle starting at level 36. It is the final form of Squirtle.Blastoise has two other forms.

Release Information

This card was included in the Base Set with artwork by Ken Sugimori, first released in the Japanese Expansion Pack. It was included in the Trainer Deck B with an exclusive red border and "Trainer Deck B" printed on the back of the card, distributed to prototype Pokémon Leagues before the TCG officially launched in North America. In Japan, this card was released as an Unnumbered Promotional card with different artwork by the same artist. It was first available through the Trade Please campaign that ran from February 10 to July 31 in 1998. Participants were required to mail a flyer included with copies of Trade Please by Suzukisan to MediaFactory along with any two Pokémon trading cards and a return envelope within the campaign period. Participants could select a "course" detailed on the flyer by writing in the appropriate space. The "A Course" included a Charizard card and a Trade Please! promotional card. The "B Course" included a copy of this card and the Trade Please! card. The "C Course" included a Venusaur card and the Trade Please! card. MediaFactory would then send the two cards from the chosen course to the participant, completing the trade. This print was later reprinted in the Intro Pack and again as part of the Pokémon Song Best Collection CD. The original Base Set print was later reprinted in the Base Set 2 expansion.


Blastoise is a large, bipedal turtle-like Pokémon. Its body is blue and is mostly hidden by its tough, brown shell. This shell has a cream-colored underside and a white ridge encircling its arms and separating the upper and lower halves. Two powerful water cannons reside at the top of its shell over its shoulders. These cannons can be extended or withdrawn. Blastoise's head has triangular ears that are black on the inside, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw. Its arms are thick, and it has three claws on each hand. Its feet have three claws on the front and one on the back. Poking out of the bottom of its shell is a stubby tail.


Blastoise Holo 1st Edition Price

Price $8,300.00 USD
Market Rank #46
Market Cap $4,399,000 USD
Monthly Volume $0 USD
Yearly Volume $231,144 USD
All Time High $19,999.00 USD
All Time Low $510.00 USD
Yearly High $19,999.00 USD
Yearly Low $4,550.00 USD
Yearly change 137.14%