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(Trainer Deck A)



$8,500.00 USD (466.67%)
Yearly change
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    $42,500 USD
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    $8,500 USD
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    $8,500.00 USD
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Machamp Trainer Deck A

About Machamp Trainer Deck A


Machamp (Japanese: カイリキー Kairiky) is a Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.It evolves from Machoke when traded. It is the final form of Machop.Machamp has a Gigantamax form.

Release Information

This card was included in the Base Set, first released in the Japanese Expansion Pack. A 1st Edition version of this card was included in the 2-Player Starter Set. While an Unlimited Edition version of the Base Set print of this card was never officially released, a Non Holofoil version of this card lacking the 1st Edition stamp was included in the Trainer Deck A, distributed to prototype Pokémon Leagues before the TCG officially launched in North America. Like the rest of the cards included in the deck, this print has a red border and "Trainer Deck A" printed on the back. Another 1st Edition Base Set version of this card with the Cosmos Holofoil treatment was included in the 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set released alongside Base Set 2, which was only released outside of Japan. This card was reprinted in the Legendary Collection expansion, which was also only released outside of Japan.


Machamp is a large, humanoid Pokémon with four well-muscled arms. It has bluish-gray skin, red eyes, and pale yellow lips. On its head, there are three brown ridges right above its eyes. It has two arms on each side of its body: a pair located in the normal position, and another pair directly above that attaches on the top of the shoulders. It has black markings that resemble briefs and wears a golden power-save belt that resembles a championship belt. Its legs have considerable muscle tone, and its feet have two toes each.


Machamp Trainer Deck A Price

Price $8,500.00 USD
Market Rank #43
Market Cap $42,500 USD
Monthly Volume $0 USD
Yearly Volume $8,500 USD
All Time High $8,500.00 USD
All Time Low $1,500.00 USD
Yearly High $8,500.00 USD
Yearly Low $8,500.00 USD
Yearly change 466.67%