Total Unique Cards:   7,483

The total number of unique Pokémon cards tracked by Pokemarketcap. Charizard 1st Edition and Charizard Shadowless etc.

Total Cards Tracked:   19,201

The total number of assets Pokemarketcap is tracking. This includes all traded grades of all unique cards. Charizard 1st Edition Grade 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and Charizard Shadowless Grade 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 etc.

Total Sets:   0 Total Market Cap:   $426,604,976 Weekly Vol:   $0 Base Set Dominance:   0.00%

Graded Card Selling Guide

How to get your card sales on our site

Our sale data collection algorithms read the card data right from the grade information box.
We avoid using human entered data wherever possible (listing name, grade, set etc) to reduce errors.

Our proprietary image processing and reading systems are extremely effective at reading the card data from the grade information box so long as the images are Clean, Clear, Square, No Glare.

Good photograph example cropped

Make sure the images you use on your listings are in line with our Pro Tips below.

Pro Tips:

1. Clean

Use a high quality image as the first image of your sale listing.

Good photograph example Bad photograph example

With large, high quality images, our collection engine is able to clearly read the card data.
Our systems will still attempt to read the data even if the image quality is low or pixelated but this increases the change for read errors and your sale may not be included in our database.
We are looking for crisp and clear text within the graded information box.

2. Clear

Make sure the card occupies as much of the image as possible with a neutral background.

Good photograph example Bad photograph example

Our data collection engine comprises multiple stages of AI and machine learning image processing. If there is a lot of additional background around your card our image processors have to work harder to find the correct data.
We are looking for images where the card takes up as much of the photo as possible. Place your card on a flat surface with a simple, clear and neutral background. Perhaps place a piece of paper under the card so any background is just white.

3. Square

Make sure the image is squarely positioned within the image.

Good photograph example Bad photograph example

Our data capture systems will adjust angled images before reading the data, but this increases the chance for pixelation and transformation errors. Any errors when reading will be excluded from our database.
We are looking for square and flat images. Lay your card down on a flat surface and position your camera directly above ensuring that all sides of the card are square to your camera's view.

4. No Glare

Do your best to reduce glare or reflections in the image.

Good photograph example Bad photograph example

Make sure your image is free from glare, reflections, light or dark areas. Uneven lighting makes it harder for our AI system to read the card data and your sale may be excluded from our database.
We are looking for clean images with even lighting. You want to make sure the image is bright enough to contain high detail so take your photo in an environment with soft, even lighting. Avoid using your camera flash or having a source of bright light nearby.

5. Bonus Tip

List single cards at a time.

Good photograph example
Bad photograph example

Our database tracks sale values for single cards only. If our AI systems detect multiple cards in the same image it will exclude this data from our database.
We are looking for single card listings with a single card image. If your are selling multiple cards we would suggest listing each card separately.

Remember: Clean, Clear, Square, No Glare!